Founded in 2012, Jellop is a boutique direct response ad agency, focused on reaching measurable, quantifiable objectives through Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and other self-serve advertising platforms. Be it sales or lead generation, downloads or signups, pre-orders or crowdfunding pledges - we’re in the business of helping our clients get better returns on their advertising dollar.
Jellop is a boutique agency, where each and every client gets a professional, passionate, and attentive service. This allows our clients to benefit both from our synergetic teamwork and from a well-experienced, skillful personal account manager.


We've earned the distinction of qualifying as a Google Partner. This gives us ahead-of-the-curve updates, ongoing support by a dedicated Google AdWords specialist and other services for the benefit of our clients.
Gil Shterzer
Equipped with extensive experience with startups and a true passion for creative targeting, Gil is our Facebook Master. He utilizes his content editing background to write killer ad and landing page copy.
Iddo Sternberg
An AdWords & Analytics Qualified Professional, Iddo is our Google Master. A number cruncher and a spreadsheets super-user, he runs the quantitative operations of bid management and ad optimization.
We’re two Internet veterans that have been working in the online arena since the year 2000. We’re passionate about almost anything that’s online and can be optimized.




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We also participate in Facebook's agency partnerships program. This gives us access to exclusive beta-features and consultative support from a dedicated Facebook Partner Manager. Recently our success story with DYLN was featured on Facebook for business. Last year it was our success story with MindCET that was featured on Facebook for business.

Jellop has gained a competitive edge in crowdfunding platforms and had helped over 175 Kickstarter projects to exceed their funding goals since the beginning of 2015. Jellop’s offers creators: laser-focused targeting, pay per performance model and transparent reporting.
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In parallel to our work with our agency clients we’ve been developing our own proprietary bid and budget optimization tool for Google AdWords campaigns - Bidder.

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